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We generate services and supply product lines for the following sectors:

Medical Equipment


General Industrial


Supplies and Medical Equipment

  • Needs studies.
  • Complete equipment for hospitals.
  • Hospital networks.
  • All kinds of specialties.
  • Standard and intensive care ambulances.
  • Mobile clinics.
  • Mobile offices for any type of specialty.
  • CT equipment, linear accelerator, X-rays, Ultrasounds, medical gases.
  • Monitors.
  • Respirators.
  • Rehabilitation teams.
  • Equipment for endocrinology, urology, spending.
  • Medical instrumentation.
  • Hospital furniture.
  • Hostelry.
  • Bell hospitals.
  • Radiological information and image communication system.
  • Laboratories.
  • Ambulance ships.
  • Blood banks.
  • Reagents.
  • Supplies of emergency materials and equipment.
  • Supply of all kinds of medical and surgical materials.
  • Magnetic resonance equipment (resonators).
  • Transportation of medicines.
  • Cava rooms.
  • Buses for personnel transfer.
  • Uniforms

Civil Protection Equipment

  • Mobile blood banks.
  • Mobile UVIS.
  • All terrain ambulances.
  • Hood dining rooms and bedrooms for easy installation and transport.
  • Tugs.
  • All terrain transport trucks.
  • Emergency supplies.
  • Bell tables.
  • Tools.
  • Radio communicators.
  • Emergency power plants.
  • Breathing equipment.
  • First aid kits.
  • Mobile surgery.
  • Boats and boats.
  • Floating stretchers.
  • Kitchens, latrines, showers.
  • Rescue teams, emergencies and catastrophes in general.

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